Roof Walkways Systems Adelaide

About Our Roof Walkways Systems in Adelaide

Connected Roof Safety can provide your property with roof walkway systems in Adelaide that offer sturdy and safe access to all areas on your roofs, predominantly for workers to carry out essential maintenance services or other individuals with rooftop access. We have an expert team of local roof safety professionals who can design, install, and maintain your roof walkway systems to meet all your budget and design requirements as well as the highest Australian government standards and regulations.

What Are Roof Walkway Systems?

Roof access walkway systems are walking surfaces designed and engineered to provide safe and sturdy access to different areas of your property’s rooftops. Built using strong and slip-resistant materials, you can effectively help prevent falls or any accident that can result in bodily harm or even fatalities as well as any liability for your organisation. Roof walkway systems are crucial elements of comprehensive height safety systems.

This is why it is highly critical that roof walkways that are part of comprehensive height safety systems are properly installed to meet the strictest government regulations. So, if you want to protect all workers and individuals with rooftop access from harm as well as your organisation from any liability, you have to get a fully qualified team like the one we have here at Connected Roof Safety.

Roof Walkway System Installation

Our local team of fully qualified height safety experts here at Connected Roof Safety can provide you with the most well-designed and executed metal or aluminum roof walkway system installation in Adelaide. With us, you get the perfect roof walkway system to suit your budget and design requirements.

We are able to deliver the best design regardless of the size, scope, or complexity of your roof layout because of our decades of knowledge and expertise in the roof safety industry. So, no matter what specifications you may need, you can rely on us to meet all of them while adhering to the strictest government regulations.

Our team has successfully installed a multitude of roof walkway systems for all kinds of properties in and around Victoria. Each one of them passed certifications with flying colours. It is for this reason that countless property owners, managers, builders, developers, and owners corporations have come to trust and rely on us.

We take pride in delivering the highest degrees of quality-assured workmanship, service excellence, and customer satisfaction. By letting us work on your property, you can expect nothing less than the best products and services delivered on time every single time.

Roof Walkway System Maintenance

For your property to pass annual recertification, you will need dependable roof walkway system maintenance along with all the components of your comprehensive height safety system.

With us here at Connected Roof Safety, you can ensure that all your critical system components are in optimal working condition and are compliant with all government regulations.

You can do this by getting our height safety equipment maintenance and repair specialists can inspect and test all your systems. After which, anything that needs to be fixed or replaced, can be done by our local team of experts.

We can fix almost any component that is broken or malfunctioning on your property having fixed and maintained hundreds of systems for properties in and around Victoria.

With our team providing roof safety maintenance, your property will pass recertification quickly. This is your Connected Roof Safety guarantee! So, let us show you what we can do.

Your Go-to Local Roof Safety Experts

Connected Roof Safety is a locally owned business in Melbourne, Victoria, providing a variety of solutions to enhance the safety of your roof.

Our services range from the design and installation of roof safety equipment to the maintenance, annual testing and recertification of existing hardware.

Our equipment and installation services include walkways, fixed ladders, guardrails, rope access systems and more.

In addition to our installation services, we also offer ongoing maintenance and certification services.

In doing so, we ensure that your roof and facade access complies with all Australian standards and regulations pertaining to Height Safety, Roof Access and Roof Access Safety.

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Years of Experience

We have over 45 years of combined experience in roof safety. Thereby our team have a level of knowledge and expertise that is unparalleled within the industry.

Personable Service

Our team are dedicated to working with you from the initial consult to the end product to ensure we deliver a solution customised to the needs and budget of your project.

Reliable Team

All our products and services comply with all required safety regulations. Additionally, our team of professionals are expertly trained in all necessary safety precautions and practices.

Wide Range of Solutions

From the installation of compliant roof safety equipment to Annual Testing and Recertifications, we provide a range of high-quality roof safety solutions.