LOCORAIL Fall Restraint System

About The LOCORAIL Fall Restraint System in Melbourne

Designed, engineered, and tested to ensure the safety of workers operating on the tallest rail bridges and railways, The LOCORAIL Fall Restraint System in Melbourne is the perfect solution to keep your team safe while doing jobs on the highest of rooftops. With a system built specifically to give workers freedom of movement without the risk of falling, you will not only ensure the safety of your team but will also give them the confidence to do their jobs effectively while working at heights.

The Benefits of Using LOCORAIL

Your team can take full advantage of the various benefits of using LOCORAIL fall arrest system for rooftop operations. Firstly, with its purposefully designed and built A-frame fall restraint system, workers can have a full range of movement with zero restrictions on their motions. This will allow your team to get their jobs done with greater ease, speed, and efficiency.

Having an inertia reel with a built-in shock absorber connecting the worker from above, accidental falls will instantly be restrained with minimal negative effects on the body. In the likelihood of a fall, your team member will only drop 60cm and no further. This makes LOCORAIL a far safer solution as there is little to no chance of workers hitting their heads or other vital parts of the body.

With a fast and effective fall restraint plus having only the lower part of the legs going over the fall edge, a sudden drop will not go very far. This means you will not need a complicated rescue plan because your team members can quickly and easily hoist themselves up unassisted or can be pulled up immediately by another individual. But, the most important thing is that a fall will not result in a serious or fatal injury.

The Features of LOCORAIL

Your team can leverage the range of LOCORAIL features that will not only ensure the safety of your team but also help make doing jobs at heights relatively quicker and easier.

The LOCORAIL is designed, engineered, and tested to be used by two persons. So, it comes with two full-body harnesses and two inertia reels with built-in shock absorbers. This makes it great for projects that require two pairs of hands to do jobs effectively or if you simply want to finish projects faster.

Also, when your team uses the LOCORAIL, they can use the built-in tool trays found in between the legs of its A-frame plus an extra tool tray that sits in the middle. So, your workers can easily stow tools while hanging over the edge of a building.

The LOCORAIL has wheels built with roller bearings so your team can smoothly push or pull the trolley to different work areas. So, you can move from one location to another without any difficulty. At the same time, it has friction brakes in place to secure it in one place and prevent the trolley from rolling away.

More importantly, LOCORAIL is fully certified and compliant with the strictest Australian quality and safety standards. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that your team will be using the safest and the most well-built fall restraint system.

Why You Should Use LOCORAIL

If your team regularly operates on tall rooftops, they will benefit greatly from the LOCORAIL Fall Restraint System. It can provide them with the amazing capability to safely, quickly, and easily transition from one task to another without the risk of falling. This is what has made LOCORAL the go-to system for hundreds of businesses across Australia.

Especially when operating at heights, your team will need the confidence to manoeuvre freely with a full range of movement at all times. This will allow them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. With LOCORAIL, you can boost their confidence levels to even greater heights!

So, if you have been searching for the safest, most reliable, practical, and versatile fall restraint system, LOCORAIL is exactly what you have been looking for. Hundreds of teams from a wide range of industries have utilised the LOCORAIL Fall Restraint System with a tested-and-proven track record of safety. So, why shouldn’t you?

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