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About Your Local Experts on Roof Safety in Melbourne

Connected Roof Safety is a locally owned business in Victoria, providing a variety of high-quality roof safety in Melbourne to enhance the safety of your roof. Our services range from the design and installation of roof safety equipment to the maintenance, annual testing, and recertification of existing hardware. In doing so, we ensure that your roof and facade access complies with all Australian standards and regulations pertaining to Height Safety, Roof Access, and Roof Access Safety.

Height Safety Services Melbourne

Here at Connected Roof Safety, we take pride in providing the most reliable and cost-effective roof safety solutions including height safety services in Melbourne. Tested and proven to deliver the highest levels of safety and quality, hundreds of properties trust us to protect their personnel from harm and their organisations from liability. Our height safety services in Melbourne include –

Audits, Inspections, and Reporting

Solution Design

Systems Installations

Recertification and Maintenance

Height Safety and Health Check

You too can trust our local team of fully qualified roof safety professionals to deliver quality-assured workmanship and service excellence. This is your Connected Roof Safety guarantee!

Height Safety Systems Melbourne

We also design, install, and maintain height safety systems and roof safety solutions in Melbourne that meet all government certification requirements including –

Roof Walkway Systems – Our walkway systems provide sturdy and safe access to areas along a roof, predominantly for workers to carry out essential maintenance services.

Permanent Roof Guardrail Systems – Our roof safety guard rails provide sturdy, reliable protection without needing ongoing maintenance and/or recertification.

Roof Access Hatches – We install roof access hatches to provide safer and easier ways for workers and other individuals to gain access to your property’s rooftops.

Roof Access Ladders – We install a range of specially designed fixed ladders, including rung ladders, cage ladders, large ladders, small ladders and fold-down ladder systems for safe roof access. We also provide portable roof ladders to help you access those particularly hard-to-reach areas of your roof.

Roof Anchor Points – Our anchor points are installed on the roof as a secure anchor for personal fall protection equipment, such as safety harnesses and lanyards. They are designed to withstand the forces generated by a fall and prevent workers from falling off a roof.

Static Line Systems – Our static line systems are engineered using high-tensile stainless steel cables connected to extremely robust anchor points to help stop workers from falling from heights while allowing them to move freely without needing to disconnect their rope lines or lanyards.

Skylight Protection – We install skylight protection systems that will create effective barriers to prevent individuals from falling through as well as maintain the structural integrity of the skylight in the case of a fall.

Overhead Rail Systems – Our overhead rail systems provide effective roof safety solutions that protect workers from falling from heights while giving them freedom of movement.

Platforms – Our specialised platforms provide safe access to rooftop-mounted equipment such as HVAC units, generators and other plant machinery. Designed to support the weight of workers and equipment, these platforms are made from durable materials such as aluminium or steel.

LOCORAIL Fall Restraint Systems – We can provide you with a purposefully designed A-frame fall restraint system that gives workers a full range of movement with zero restrictions on their motions so they can get their jobs done with greater ease, speed, and efficiency without the risk for a fall.

Height Safety Equipment Melbourne

We also provide height safety equipment and roof safety solutions in Melbourne that meets the strictest Australian government standards and regulations.

Fall Arrest Harnesses – Our fall arrest harnesses are height safety equipment worn by workers to protect them after a fall. They help minimise injuries and prevent fatalities by stopping the descent before a worker hits the ground or collides with any other surface or structure while limiting the forces on the body. This equipment uses a body-holding device connected to a reliable anchor.

Lanyards and Rope Lines – Our lanyards and rope lines are height safety equipment used to tether workers to other height safety systems. They are used to connect a worker’s personal fall protection system like fall arrest or restraint harnesses to anchor points, guardrails, and walkway systems.

Roofer’s Harness Kits – Our roofer’s harness kits are specialised height safety equipment used specifically by workers in the roofing industry to protect workers from falls. These kits include a safety harness, a vertical lifeline assembly or safety lanyard, an anchor point, and more.

Temporary Static Lines – Our temporary static lines are height safety equipment used by workers to provide fall protection when working in areas where it is more advantageous to move along a single straight edge. This equipment is a horizontal line made of high-tensile aluminium or steel that is secured to anchor points on rooftops. Workers can attach their lanyards and rope lines to this equipment to protect them in the case of a fall.

Hooks and Karabiners – Our hooks and karabiners are height safety equipment used as connectors for different height safety system components. These can be used to attach a harness to a lanyard, a lanyard to an anchor point or static line, or a static line to another anchor point. They can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and strengths depending on the use-case scenario.

Material Hoists and Winches – Our material hoists and winches are height safety equipment used to move heavy loads when operating at heights. Hoists lift loads vertically and winches pull loads horizontally. This equipment allows workers to quickly and easily move equipment and materials from one area to another.

Rescue Equipment – Our rescue equipment is specialised tools used to save workers who have fallen from heights. They include a wide range of gear like full-body harnesses, rescue ropes, helmets, and more. These are used to safely recover a fallen worker, provide them with first aid, and evacuate them from the premises.

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Be a safety-conscious business that cares

As a safety-conscious business that provides roof access to its employees or patrons, it is a high-priority you ensure their safety with equipment that aligns with government regulations. The services we offer at Connected Roof Safety help you do precisely this. Our commitment to health and safety is based on the premise that safety enhancements provide tangible benefits to workers, the owner and the community.

The team at Connected Roof Safety are dedicated to providing you with a range of services to fit any budget. In doing so, we conduct our work in such an in-depth and meticulous manner that enables us to deliver a solution that is comprehensive and 100% purposeful. Our history of professional experience, as well as our hundreds of success stories, lets you rest assured that we provide high-quality roof safety solutions every time.

Years of Experience

We have over 45 years of combined experience in roof safety. Thereby our team have a level of knowledge and expertise that is unparalleled within the industry.

Personable Service

Our team are dedicated to working with you from the initial consult to the end product to ensure we deliver a solution customised to the needs and budget of your project.

Reliable Team

All our products and services comply with all required safety regulations. Additionally, our team of professionals are expertly trained in all necessary safety precautions and practices.

Wide Range of Solutions

From the installation of compliant roof safety equipment to Annual Testing and Recertifications, we provide a range of high-quality roof safety solutions.