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About Our Height Safety & Roof Health Check in Drouin

Connected Roof Safety has fully qualified local roof safety professionals that can provide you with regularly scheduled height safety and roof health check in Drouin to ensure that your building adheres to the highest government regulations and standards. By doing this, you can protect workers and individuals who have roof access from harm as well as your organisation from any liability.

What Are Height Safety Regulations?

All workplaces in Australia that require workers to operate at heights are mandated by law to adhere to height safety regulations. These requirements are determined by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 or the WHS Act. This was created to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all workers while performing their duties as well as other people who may be affected by the work.

According to the WHS Act, persons conducting business or any undertaking in Australia have the primary responsibility to ensure that people are not exposed to health and safety risks. So, if your property requires workers to do jobs on rooftops, your building has to meet all height safety regulations.

With falls from height being one of the leading causes of fatalities and major injuries, you have to protect individuals accessing your roof from harm or your business or organisation from any liability.

This is where our team here at Connected Roof Safety will come in. You can have our fully qualified local roof safety professionals to perform regularly scheduled height safety inspections and roof health checks to ensure that your property adheres to government regulations.

Height Safety Audits & Inspections

Our team here at Connected Roof Safety will do height safety audits and inspections of five critical areas that include (1) Initial Roof Access, (2) Access between roof levels, (3) System documentation, (4) Access to plant and equipment, and (5) Fall protection.

As rooftops are one of the most common places where people are exposed to health and safety risks, it is extremely important that these five critical areas are taken into consideration.

For access points, our team will inspect all roof hatches, walk-out doors, and exterior stairs and ladders. Then, we will check if there are any unprotected areas and open sides that pose risks for falls from height. After that, we will inspect if walking paths are safe or close to fall hazards.

Our team will then check all rooftop equipment like HVAC, fans, sensors, and other units to see if they present any potential hazards and if they are safe for contractors to service. Then, we will find any openings where people can accidentally fall through.

We will also look for any hazardous materials that can pose health risks or be life-threatening. Our team will also check if there are any hazards that are unique to your roof like elevation changes or how surfaces are affected by different weather conditions.

Roof Health Check Contracting

A roof health check is done to determine if all the structures and surfaces on your rooftops are safe for workers to operate on and individuals with access to stand or walk on. A thorough health check of your rooftops will find any potential risks that may cause harm to people if there are any and allow you to address these problems at the soonest possible time.

According to the WHS Act, work must be carried out on solid construction as much as reasonably practical. So, you have to ensure the structural and operational integrity of all roof structures and surfaces. This will include things like rusted guardrails, moss growing on walkways, loose or damaged roof tiles, blocked gutters, and other issues that need repairs and maintenance.

With us here at Connected Roof Safety, you can get a comprehensive roof health check done by a fully qualified local team of professionals. Having over 45 years of combined experience in the roof safety industry, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to do an effective health check of your property’s roof tops. With our keen attention to detail, we can help find all issues that can pose health and safety risks.

What is more amazing about our team here at Connected Roof Safety is that we will not just provide you height safety inspections and roof health checks but can also do the repairs and maitenance for you. So, any problems that we will find, we will fix just as efficiently. With us, you are getting the best value because we offer end-to-end roof safety services.

Your Go-to Local Roof Safety Experts

Connected Roof Safety is a locally owned business in Drouin, providing a variety of solutions to enhance the safety of your roof.

Our services range from the design and installation of roof safety equipment to the maintenance, annual testing and recertification of existing hardware.

Our equipment and installation services include walkways, fixed ladders, guardrails, rope access systems and more.

In addition to our installation services, we also offer ongoing maintenance and certification services.

In doing so, we ensure that your roof and facade access complies with all Australian standards and regulations pertaining to Height Safety, Roof Access and Roof Access Safety.

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Years of Experience

We have over 45 years of combined experience in roof safety. Thereby our team have a level of knowledge and expertise that is unparalleled within the industry.

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Our team are dedicated to working with you from the initial consult to the end product to ensure we deliver a solution customised to the needs and budget of your project.

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All our products and services comply with all required safety regulations. Additionally, our team of professionals are expertly trained in all necessary safety precautions and practices.

Wide Range of Solutions

From the installation of compliant roof safety equipment to Annual Testing and Recertifications, we provide a range of high-quality roof safety solutions.