Fall Arrest Harnesses

About Our Fall Arrest Harness in Melbourne

Connected Roof Safety can provide your workers with premium quality fall arrest harness in Melbourne that will not just meet your budget requirements but also the strictest government safety regulations and industry quality standards. Specifically designed and engineered to deliver the highest levels of durability and reliability, you can be assured that our fall arrest harnesses will keep your workers safe after falling from heights.

What Are Fall Arrest Harness Kits?

Fall arrest harness kits are specialised equipment designed to protect individuals after falling from height. By “arresting” or stopping the fall, it prevents the individual from hitting the ground or other surfaces and structures. As a result, it eliminates the likelihood of a fatality or a more serious injury. With falls from height one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries, fall arrest harnesses are definite livesavers.

Designed to be full body harnesses, they can effectively distribute the forces exerted by a fall throughout the entire body to minimise the negative effects like pain and decrease the chances for major injuries. At the same time, fall arrest harnesses ensure that workers are suspended upright after falling from height. This makes it relatively quicker and easier to rescue the fallen individual and helps prevent that person’s head from hitting other structures after the fall.

With us here at Connected Roof Safety, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality fall arrest harnesses to suit your budget requirements. We offer nothing but the best equipment our industry has to offer with complete assurance that they comply with the strictest government safety regulations. But, a fall arrest harness is just one of the four major components of fall arrest systems.

What Are Fall Arrest Systems?

A fall arrest system is a crucial component of any comprehensive roof safety solution provided by Connected Roof Safety. It is designed to protect workers from falls and mitigate the potential for serious injuries.

Our fall arrest system consists of high-quality components such as harnesses, lanyards, anchor points, and shock absorbers. These elements work in tandem to arrest the fall and minimise the impact forces on the worker’s body.

We prioritise the selection and installation of appropriate anchor points to ensure a secure attachment for the fall arrest system. Our team conducts thorough assessments of the roof structure, considering load capacity and positioning, to determine the most effective anchor point locations.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the fall arrest system are essential to guarantee its effectiveness and compliance with safety regulations. Our qualified technicians conduct comprehensive checks, including inspecting harnesses and lanyards for wear and tear and replacing any damaged components.

By implementing our fall arrest system, you provide workers with a reliable safety net, instilling confidence and peace of mind during rooftop operations. It demonstrates your commitment to prioritizing worker safety and reducing the risk of falls and serious accidents.

The Difference Between Fall Arrest & Fall Restraint

What is Fall Arrest?

Fall arrest is a protective system that activates in the event of a fall. It involves using special equipment such as safety harnesses, lanyards and anchor points to stop a person from hitting the ground or any other lower level. The system works by absorbing the energy generated during a fall, thus minimizing injuries.
Fall arrest systems are commonly used in construction sites, schools, hospitals and other places where workers operate at heights.
It’s important to note that while fall arrest systems can prevent injuries resulting from falls, they don’t necessarily prevent falls from occurring in the first place. As such, it’s essential to use additional measures like guardrails and covers to minimize risks of falling altogether.
Fall Arrest is an effective solution for reducing the risk of injuries due to falls from height but should always be accompanied with extra preventative measures for maximum safety on site.

What is Fall Restraint?

Fall restraint is another type of fall protection system that aims to prevent workers from falling. Unlike fall arrest, which involves stopping a person’s fall after it has started, fall restraint prevents the worker from reaching the edge and falling in the first place.
A typical system used for fall restraint includes an anchorage point, a lanyard or lifeline, and body harness. The anchor point is usually fixed onto a strong structure capable of withstanding the weight of the individual using it. The lanyard or lifeline connects to both the body harness and anchor point while allowing movement within a designated work area.
Understanding how each type of fall protection works can help you determine which one best suits your needs when working at heights.

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In addition to our installation services, we also offer ongoing maintenance and certification services.

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